The Professional Firefighters of Casa Grande, Local 3752, and Casa Grande Fire Department will be hosting the retiree breakfast this year at Fire Station 501, March 11th at 0900.


This year’s menu will keep in tradition with years past. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, coffee, and OJ.


Please follow the Evite link below to RSVP before March 8th. Please if you know of any retirees who might not bet this email let us know or forward it to them. Thank you.




Firefighter cancer bill“Arizona first responders are getting greater coverage for serious illnesses linked to their job. Gov. Doug Ducey signed a bill on Wednesday that his office says makes it easier for firefighters and law enforcement officers to prove their cancer diagnosis is probably work-related and expands benefit coverage for them. Senate Bill 1451 removed the requirement of proving exactly when and where firefighters were exposed to a known carcinogen that is usually linked to cancer.”


Cancer in the fire service is our current reality, but we are beginning to better understand firefighters’ increased risks and cancer’s devastating toll.


Cancer can be caused by what we eat, drink, breathe or smoke as well as from our environments. This includes the many carcinogens found on the fireground and in our station working environment.


Some states have firefighter cancer presumption laws that give workers’ compensation or other disability benefits for firefighters who contract cancer while on the job. However, presumption laws do not guarantee that every firefighter with cancer is going to receive benefits. Firefighters still bear the burden of proof.



This year we will continue the tradition of having the Retiree Breakfast this year. It will be held on March 21st at 0900 at Station 501. We are looking for volunteers to help with the event including those who are on probation or testing especially. Also, please help spread the word to contact the Retirees. In the past some have felt left out because they did not receive an invite. So if you have a phone number or you know they’re active on an email please let them know. A flyer will be made available soon to share on social media.